Welcome to ICAPP

Our students are in the news and busy with various outreach activities: Podcast, Polling, Policy Briefs, Critical Question Series, and a Newsletter.

ICAPP meeting photo

We are excited to use our collective expertise to serve citizens throughout the region. We will do this through research on public policy issues to help citizens better understand those issues. We pay particular attention to policies affecting citizens throughout the Industrial Midwest.

The ICAPP is a natural extension of Ohio Northern’s founder, Henry Solomon Lehr. He envisioned a university where its graduates would take their knowledge, skills, and intellect into the world to serve the larger society. This has been a staple of an 鶹APP education. The ICAPP supports Lehr’s vision through intentional programming and collaboration between faculty and students.

We believe an informed citizenry is necessary in a representative democracy. Toward this end, we will conduct public opinion polling, produce policy briefs, and engage the public in a variety of ways. Theodore Roosevelt believed that “the average citizen must be a good citizen if our republics are to succeed.” This gets to the heart of our mission--to promote good citizenship.

This is a bold initiative and I am thrilled to be part of it. The ICAPP will be an important resource for policymakers and citizens throughout the region.

Robert Alexander